Our expertise in offering agricultural construction services extends to all types of projects, both large and small. From construction of a single facility to a large complex, we can efficiently and effectively complete any task. This includes taking into consideration ventilation, sunlight, comfort, durability and efficiency, while offering modern and functional designs. One of our prime areas of focus also lies in considering the safety of an agricultural building. With all considerations being taken care of, you can sit back in peace, as we will see your project through to completion.  

We specialize in the construction of all types of agricultural buildings, including, but not limited to:


  • Dairy Buildings
  • Poultry buildings and hatcheries
  • Feed mill construction
  • Barns for all types of animals, including swine buildings, calf barns, maternity barns, commodity barns, transition and dry cow barns, horse barns and many others
  • Equipment and tools storage buildings
  • Free stalls, parlors and parlor hold
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Stables, stys and other types of animal shelters.
Cattle Pen

We build all types of cattle pens to fit your needs. From feet to miles we are equipped to handle a variety of sizes. Our use of quality materials and superior craftsmanship ensures that our cattle pens last for decades. We will work closely with you to design facilities that ensure the safety and function for you and your cattle.

Goat Pen

Goat Farm Construction plays a significant part in running a successful commercial goat farm. For commercial business, one must build goat shed, because it requires security to protect goats from wild dogs, wolfs and snakes, irregular weather conditions and to supply shelter at night times. Our experienced staff will help you choose the optimal solution for your agricultural construction project.


Pig house is one of the necessary conditions for the survival of the herd, through the construction of up-to standard and reasonable pig house, to provide an ideal growth space for pigs in pig production is essential. We provide customers with modern farm construction project overall solution, designing, construction of pig farm.

Dairy Milking Shade

Starting a dairy farm or running a smart and successful way starts with an advanced dairy farm shed.

Chicken Abattoir

We provides a complete service covering design, build and ongoing support. From the smallest of rural abattoirs to the modern abattoir designed for large production

Fowl Run

We can custom build your high end fowl run with excellence and speed that is reasonable.

Haven Construction can complete the whole process from Design, Create & Build Your Agricultural Building to Your Requirements